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Richtis Gorge from Villa Achilleas

It is recommendable to leave your car at the parking space designated for those interested going down the Richtis Gorge, it is on the left hand side of the main road as you leave the village of Exo Mouliana map. If you decide to follow the flow of the creek down to the beach after seeing the infamous waterfall for a quick swim, you will have to either walk all the way up to your car or somebody has to come and pick you up from the beach. Also, it is possible to car park on the other end of the route (beach end), walk from there half way to the waterfall and then back again to the beach Map

Monumental Olive Tree from Villa Achilleas

The olive tree and olive oil are closely connected to Cretan mythology, history, tradition, religion, and art, as well as the social and economic life of Cretan people dating back 9.000 years. Nowadays, olive groves cover about ¼ of the total area of the island dominating its natural environment and creating employment for almost the entire local agricultural population. Among the Olive trees of Crete, exist some which can be characterized as "Monumental". One of them is the Monumental Olive Tree of Kavousi. This impressive olive tree is located 3 km away from Kavousi village and worths a visit. The dimensions of the tree trunk measured at height of 0.8m. and mainly its largest diameter (4,90m.) and its perimeter (14,20 m.) allow a rough estimation of its age at about 3250 years.This estimated age marks the first appearance of the tree in the Post-Palatial Minoan Period of the Cretan history (1350-1100 BC). Map

Wall – painted Church of Saint Antonios, 14th C. from Villa Achilleas
It is a barrel – vaulted, single – nave church, which honours the father par excellence of monasticism and so called *Professor of the desert, St. Anthony the Great. This is indicated in its iconographic programme where, aside from the customary band of the Christological cycle, representations from the life of the honoured Saint, a popular monastic read and exemplar for anachoretic monasticism, survive. In one of these representations, the meeting of Anthony the Great with St. Paul the Theban is depicted. The condition of the wall paintings is poor. Even though no inscriptional elements survive to help with their secure dating, they appear to be the work of a local artist of the second half of the 14th C. Map

Hiking on E4 to Thripti village & View point from Villa Achilleas

The E4 European long-distance path or E4 path is one of the European long-distance paths. Starting at its westernmost point in Portugal it continues through Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece to end in Cyprus. Part of the Greek path is in Crete. It begins from Kastelli Kissamos in the west of Crete and crosses along the whole Island reaching Kato Zakros in the east where it ends. The hike can start from the village of Kavousi or the beach of Tholos, walk through the picturesque neighborhoods and small alleys of the village, follow the path signposted with the E4 yellow - black marks and poles, hike by the Postminoan settlements of Azorias, Vrondas and Kastro and reach the plateau of Thripti. The village is situated on a secluded plateau at 850 meters altitude. A bit further up the village there is a view spot where only from there you can see both north and south sides of Crete as well as the beautiful gulf of Mirabello map . You will need at least 1.5lt of water, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, light jacket, and good hiking shoes or regular trainers. Approximate time 2h50min.      

Chrissi Island from Villa Achilleas

Chrissi or Χρυσή means 'golden' and refers to the stunning sand on the beaches of this islet. This small, uninhabited, low-lying island is 7 km by 2 km and only 30 metres, at its highest point. The rocky island has many beaches visited from spring to autumn by water craft and tour boats. Map  The interior of the island is covered by  a  beautiful forest of juniper trees Juniperus macrocarpa. Such is the environmental value of the island's ecosystem that it is protected as an area under the EU Natura 2000 program. Tips:

  • The boat trip could be rough if the wind is up
  • The boat trip duration is between 25-50 minutes, depending on the vessel
  • There is not much shade on the island, take a hat and be prepared for sun
  • There are no shops on the island, take a picnic and plenty of water
  • The day tour will mean that you have 4-5 hours to relax on the island
  • Take some money to hire a sun bed and umbrella if you wish
  • Lunch and snacks on the boat cost money too
  • Take all your rubbish with you and leave only footprints
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