Getting Here

Villa Achilleas is situated a short drive from Kavousi.  The closest airport is Heraklion Airport which has many flights from all over Europe during the holiday seasons and is Greece's' second busiest airport after Athens.  A hire car is essential and suggest that you try out local firms for much better deals than the international car hire companies.  Within minutes of leaving Heraklion Airport you are on the main road EAST to Kavousi (nearest village to the villa) via Agiou Nikolaou on the E75/EO90. Total driving time is 1hr 14 mins.  




Driving tips


  • In Crete’s towns and villages, it is forbidden to use your horn, except in cases of extreme and immediate danger. Save honking for the hillsides to avoid on-the-spot fines. In the mountains, locals toot their horns very liberally to warn other drivers of their speedy approach and shunt herds of sheep off the road, so don’t be ruffled by the racket.


  • Paved roads are notoriously slippery in Crete, even when dry. The island is woefully behind with its resurfacing schedule and many road surfaces have been polished by use, making them dangerous in wet weather.  Adjust your speed accordingly when road surfaces are wet.


  • Be strategic with your fuel stops. Many smaller gas stations shut up shop at 7pm, so put plenty in the tank to avoid getting caught short on your way home. Attendants will always be on hand to top up your fuel tank, so simply stay in your hire car and hand over your euros. To be polite, throw in a tip for good measure.
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